Officers of the Court
The court leet of Wareham convenes at the end of November and consists of the office-holders listed below, many of whom, in recent years, have followed in the footsteps of their forefathers as members of the court.

The Lord of the Manor: Mr. J.D.C.Ryder who succeeded to the title in 1986, following his father, who had held title for 58 years.

The Steward: Appointed by the Lord of the Manor as his right-hand-man, quite literally the "sty-ward", with the word sty in this case meaning "hall".

The Hayward: Appointed by the Lord of the Manor as responsible for "enclosures and fences"; that is the so-called "common land".

The Bailiff: Appointed by the Lord of the Manor to administer 'arrests and summonses' and, in practice, to supervise court matters.

The Officers: Appointed annually by the Jury as follows:

Constables: to ensure law and order during court sessions.

Ale tasters: to check that a true pint and true quart are offered and to taste the quality of the ale.

Carniter: to check the freshness of the meat and poultry.

Bread Weighers: to check the freshness and weight of the bread and to ensure a consistent two-pound loaf throughout the manor.

Surveyors of Chimneys and Mantles (otherwise know as chimney peepers): to check that chimneys are swept clean; a measure introduced after the fire of Wareham in 1762, when a large part of the town was destroyed.

Scavengers: to ensure standards of hygiene within the 'lanes and privies' of the town. to guard against the spread of infectious disease.

Leather Sealer: to maintain the quality of leather goods.

In addition to the above are the Foreman of the Jury and his Deputy, presiding over the nominal twelve Jurymen who are appointed by the Bailiff.

The current official functions of the court are the appointment of officers, the swearing in of the jury, the taking of presentments with respect to the common land, the town walls, the town pound and other matters of local concern, and, perhaps more importantly, maintaining the ancient and time-honored traditions of the court
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